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Overflow tank renovation, Marburg, Germany

The Project:

An overflow tank, built in the 60s with 1700m2 capacity, needs a radical renovation due to structural damage as well as modernization.

Commissioned by:

Marburg wastewater board

Tsurumi support:

ChristianOremus (FieldSales)

The Problem:

The renovation work would be compromised by the arrival of large quantities of water in the form of precipitation in rainy weather conditions. The last slide valve separating the tank from the channel would have to be opened. The consequence would be that already renovated and incompletely dried areas would have to be relined, causing significant additional costs.

The Solution:

By using a Tsurumi submersible pump type KRS1022, up to 12000 l/min of water can easily be diverted around the tank through DN250 and fed back into the channel. This ensures that the renovation work will be protected from almost any weather conditions.

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