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Nalazite se ovde:

AZS ARGE Zugangsstollen, Linthal, Switzerland

The project:

Access shaft II -Kraftwerk Linth-Limmern AG "Project Linthal 2015"

Executing companies:

AZS ARGE Zugangsstollen

RL Pumpenanlagen GmbH, Wollerau

The problem:

Shafts with a pronounced tilt. drilling water and incoming water must be pumped out.

Our solution:

LH322W submersible pump is used, with a second pump held in reserve. The pump is frequency-controlled and regulated using a submersible pressure probe. If the water level rises, the speed is increased; when the water level falls, the speed is reduced. This type of control was chosen so that a very small pump container can be used which can be easily replaced after each new tunnel section. A model KTZ47.5 pump is built into the drainage water treatment.


In the event of abrasive and corrosive utilization, stronger wear and tear will take place naturally in certain components. With regards to the above application wear and tear can take place mainly in impeller, agitator, suction plate, shaft sleeve, oil ring, mechanical seal, pump casing, strainer, motor casing and discharge coupling. Depending on the working conditions the lifetime of those parts might vary significantly and can be shorter than the legal warranty period.
In this regard, please pay attention to our general terms and conditions that we also send to you by mail on request.