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Drainage near the Rhone, Lyon, France

The Project:

The project is based in the downtown of Lyon and at the corner of a crossroads. Urban density is high and the lanes are nearby. The site is located approximately 350m from the Rhone river. The work consists of creating a well-point system about 1,2 m deep, so that the soil reinforcement can be completed and the excavation of bottom material be excavated properly after the rubble have become dry.

The Problem:

The complexity of the project is caused by continuing reinforcement of the soil under the groundwater level and excavation of rubble to allow the creation of a second level of basement. All these works can only be carried out in a dry environment, it was necessary to establish a system of continuous pumping during the work under this condition.

The Solution:

Our client has completed the installation of strainer wells and four Contractors' pumps Tsurumi KRS822 were implemented. They pump about 200 m3/h to 23m of head. The wells are connected by pipes of DN150. This facility operates 24/7 and it is under constant surveillance. To date no action on the pumps had to be done.

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