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Copper mine, Nikosia, Cyprus

The project:

In one of the largest open-cut copper mines in the world, water is found with a pH value of 2 to 3.

This must be pumped out.

Performing company:

HCM Helenic Copper Mines, Nikosia, Cyprus

Tsurumi partner:

D.I.S. Powerplant Ltd., Nikosia, Cyprus

The problem:

The seepage occurring in the open-cut mine is extremely acidic, with a pH value between 2 and 3.

Numerous pumps from the competitors have already been tested, but have only achieved service life of two weeks to a maximum of three months. A mobile submerged pump will be sought that can withstand the extreme conditions on-site even over the long term and that works as maintenance-free as possible.

The solution:

First, a Tsurumi model SFQ23.7 submersible motor pump was installed. This pump runs longterm in suction mode in the acidic medium in different locations. The pump has now been running for over 2 years and continues to be in excellent condition.

Due to positive experiences with the Tsurumi SFQ pump, several pumps in the Tsurumi PU series have now been purchased. These pumps can be used universally due to their low weight and single-phase motor, meeting the customer's requirements in every respect. The design of the PU series, with stainless steel and fiber-reinforced plastic, makes it possible to operate the pumps in acidic media. The oldest PU pump has now been running without problems for 1.5 years.

При использовании в абразивных и агрессивных средах повышается износ некоторых компонентов. При использовании в вышеупомянутых областях применения износу, как правило, подвержены крыльчатка, мешалка, всасывающая пластина, втулка вала, масляное кольцо, механическое уплотнение, корпус насоса, сетчатый фильтр, корпус двигателя и выпускная муфта. Срок службы этих деталей зависит от рабочих условий и может быть меньше установленного гарантийного периода.
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