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Tsurumi promotes pumping prowess at Bauma 2010

Tsurumi Europe will have an exciting package of product launches and promotions on display at Bauma 2010. Chief among them is the arrival of a new dewatering pump and the launch of an innovative excavator adaptor. The global pump manufacturer will also showcase models from one of its most popular and largest ranges.

Leading pump specialist Tsurumi Europe will focus on new ways to use its pumps and the latest technologies when it exhibits at Bauma 2010. The company has announced it will introduce the eagerly awaited NK 2-22 dewatering pump to the European market for the first time and a GPN series excavator adaptor for efficient sand-water discharge. Tsurumi will also showcase two of its most renowned pumps, the LSC 'puddle suckers' and the LH 675 dewatering pump.

Stefan Hörnschemeyer, the company's marketing manager, comments:

"Bauma 2010 will be a perfect opportunity for Tsurumi Europe to show how we are developing as a force in this region. We continue to build on our capabilities in different industries and grow our market share, as well as launch into new areas. The new NK series will satisfy a small gap in our range and, with the innovative excavator adaptor, will present some of Tsurumi's most technically advanced products."

NK 2-22

Eagerly awaited by customers in Europe, the NK 2-22 is a heavy duty, high head, single-phase submersible pump. Its applications include the removal of sand, wastewater and general construction site drainage.

The NK 2-22 has a 2.2 kW motor driving the pump, which can carry water over a total head of 25m or reach flow capacities of up to 590 litres per minute. It runs off a standard 220v power supply. A high flow model will also be available - the NK 2-22L – that produces 35% more volume than the standard model.

Available from April 2010, the NK series will feature synthetic rubber wear parts and a duct-iron material semi-vortex impeller for maximum durability and consistent pump performance. The side-flow or top-discharge design enables the pump to operate in even the narrowest installations. An oil filter ensures efficient cooling and the pump section's simple structure can be disassembled using a single box wrench, for easier maintenance.

An optional agitator kit will also be available for both the standard and the high flow models, allowing continuous use even when pumping abrasive materials.

Excavator adaptor

Tsurumi's new excavator adaptor transforms any standard excavator into a mobile pumping unit. The particular adaptor on show at Bauma is designed to improve efficiency when pumping sand, mud or slurry with Tsurumi's GPN series.

The GPN series are high power sand pumps with large agitators, which are highly durable and efficient at heavy sand-water discharge. They are built with chrome iron wear parts, a special steel impeller and have an extra thick casing. GPN pumps have a water jacket to assist motor cooling, which allows for extended use at low water levels.

LSC – the 'puddle suckers'

Possibly Tsurumi's best loved pumps are the 'puddle suckers', several of which will feature on the company's booth at Bauma. The LSC residual dewatering pumps can drain large amounts of water down to levels of just 1 mm. The LSC series is one of the company's highest selling ranges.


Also on the Tsurumi stand will be the LH675, one of Tsurumi's largest pumps. This heavyweight measures 1,67m tall and has a three-phase, high-head dewatering capability, allowing it to pump over distances of up to 120m. Perfect for large-scale dewatering, its slim design also gives customers narrow installation possibilities without compromising on power.

At Bauma 2010 in Munich, Tsurumi Europe will be situated in Hall A6 at Booth 322.

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