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Water treatment, Tyumen, Russia

The Project:

In the Tyumen region in northern Russia, drinking water is obtained from groundwater. This requires treatment, since the groundwater is heavily polluted. The purification of groundwater using traditional technology is very energy-intensive and costly. This project was intended to reduce the time for maintenance and operating costs by using alternative technology.


Resetilovs un Co, Moscow, Russia

Tsurumi support:

Carsten Bode (Sales Engineer for Wastewater Products)

The Problem:

The groundwater in the Tyumen region is heavily contaminated with manganese, silica, dissolved gases, organic compounds and especially a high iron content. Originally, the groundwater has been aerated by a combination of a compressor (100 kW) and tube aerators, and then filtered. The highly contaminated medium led to clogging of the aeration holes, whereby the aeration efficiency falls off very quickly. As a result, the aerators have to be cleaned at least once a month with a great deal of effort, the filters needed to be changed frequently because of residual contamination and the rate of energy consumption for aeration was extremely high at 100 kW. The large volume of air led to excessive foaming, which hindered the subsequent treatment process. The main objective of the project was to reduce the time for maintenance and operating costs involved in water treatment.

The Solution:

The decision was taken to replace the high- maintenance combination of compressor and tube aerators by a clog-free mechanical aerator. The choice was for two Tsurumi self-priming submersible aerators from the TRN series. The 80TRN417 and 80TRN412 units have motor ratings of 17 kW and 12 kW respectively, replacing the 100-kW compressor. No maintenance was needed during the 2-month trial run, and no clogging occurred. With a reduction in the energy consumption of 65%, the purification performance remained comparable. No foaming was recorded as a result of the significantly reduced air input.

În cazul utilizării abrazive și corozive, se va produce o uzură mai puternică în mod normal la anumite componente. În ceea ce privește aplicația de mai sus, uzura se poate produce mai ales la rotor, agitator, placa de aspirație, manșonul arborelui, inelul de ulei, garnitura mecanică, carcasa pompei, filtru, carcasa motorului și cupla de descărcare. În funcție de condițiile de lucru, durata de viață a acestor componente poate varia semnificativ și poate fi mai scurtă decât perioada de garanție legală.
În acest sens, vă rugăm să citiți cu atenție termenii și condițiile noastre generale (www.tsurumi.eu/english/GCS.htm) pe care vi le putem trimite, la cerere, și prin poștă.