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Tsurumi to exhibit at IUT 2011

Tsurumi, the world's leading submersible drainage pump manufacturer, will highlight its 90 years of experience in delivering effective and reliable pumping systems – particularly for tunnel construction – at IUT 2011 in Switzerland. The company will display a range of high-head, agitator and slurry pumps at the event.

Tsurumi pumps have been used in thousands of tunnel projects across the globe. Its experience has helped develop industry leading products that are reliable, powerful and easy to maintain. The company's stand at IUT 2011, the underground and tunnel construction fair held in a disused mine in Sargans, Switzerland, will highlight these values.

Tsurumi will exhibit a selection of durable pumps from its 250 strong product range. Both full scale and cross-section models, which show the inner workings of the pump, will be on display. The company will also highlight its heavy-duty pump cable designed specifically for underground construction.

Tsurumi will focus on its key product features at the event, including:

  • Safe and reliable: Safety in underground and tunnel construction is paramount. Pumps that remove residual water and ensure on-site safety must be reliable. Tsurumi's pumps have a reputation for strength and provide many years of reliable service.
    Their long-life can be attributed to several innovations unique to the company. These include a watertight box that ensures no water can ingress at the cable entry; a dry-running capability that means the pump does not need a constant flow of water to remain cool; a double-mechanical seal inside the oil bath to significantly reduce wear; and an inhouse developed oil lifter that reduces erosion on the double-mechanical seal.

  • Power in the deep: Tsurumi's pumps deliver the power and performance to tackle any tunnelling job. Its pumps can reach heads of up to 177 m and have capacities of more than 12,500 l/min. The company's endurance pumps can be used in deep wells and withstand depths of up to 50 m. Tsurumi will display a wide range of its heavy-duty pumps used in rugged underground applications.

  • Easy maintenance: Tsurumi's pumps are built to last. They are designed for easy maintenance and quick repair. Their simple yet robust construction means they can be dismantled using basic tools (a screwdriver or spanner) and technicians need only basic training to handle maintenance.

  • Heavy-duty pump cable: A ruptured pump cable is the most common cause of failure. In tunnelling, rugged conditions, lack of light and use of heavy machinery often increases this problem. To minimise the risk of this, Tsurumi Europe has introduced a heavy-duty pump cable option for its pumps. The cable can withstand very high mechanical stress and has a tensile strength of 15 N/mm2. It is unaffected by extreme heat or cold and is Ozone resistant, which stops the formation of cracks. It is also coloured a bright yellow to improve visibility.

Current projects

Tsurumi pumps are currently working on two major European tunnel projects. The first is the Marmaray project in Istanbul, Turkey, which will be Europe's first ever intercontinental underwater rail link. It passes under the Bosphorus Straits and is the world's deepest immersed tube tunnel, made from the largest prefabricated tunnel sections ever built. Around 90 Tsurumi pumps are in use at the €2.1 billion project, 40 of which are residual dewatering pumps known as the "Puddle Suckers". The pumps perform two tasks, they transport concrete and improve the safety of the site by removing residual water.

The second major project is the Weinberg tunnel in Zurich, Switzerland, where another 50 Tsurumi pumps are being used. The €426 million project relies on the pumps for safety as they remove the residual water that accumulates during construction. The tunnel will open in 2013.

A selection of Tsurumi representatives from its Swiss distributor, Pumpen Lechner GmbH, and European business units will be on hand to welcome visitors at IUT 2011.


Pentru informații suplimentare, vă rugăm să îl contactați pe:
Dl. Birger Schmidt, Marketing
Tsurumi (Europe) GmbH
Wahlerstr. 10
40472 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49 211 417 9373
Fax: +49 211 479 1429
e-mail: sales@tsurumi.eu

Tsurumi este unul dintre producătorii cei mai experimentați de pompe din lume. În moderna fabrică din Kyoto, Tsurumi produce global mai multe pompe submersibile pe an decât orice alt producător de pompe. În acest moment există peste 1800 de modele diferite de pompe în gama Tsurumi, incluzând pompe semi-vortex, vortex, fără înfundare, cu tăiere, pentru contractori și de drenaj, pentru ape uzate, cu aeratoare și suflante, unități de decantare și separatoare de reziduuri. Tsurumi operează la scară mondială cu o rețea extinsă de reprezentanți în Europa, America de Nord și de Sud, Asia, Australia și Africa.