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Technical Relieve Organisation (THW)
local association Cologne East


August, 19 - 31: First trial for the Tsurumi pumps at the rivers Elbe, Sieg and Rhine (Germany)

Shortly prior to leaving for fighting the century flood at the river Elbe, the local association Cologne East was able to procure two Tsurumi pumps within as short a period as 24 h, while the purchase was planned since November 2001. On receipt of the order on Friday noon at Tsurumi's, the two electrical submersible pumps KRS-63 (200 l/min at a delivery head of 5 m, and 3,5 kW input power) were transported from the import warehouse in Antwerp to Düsseldorf, provided there with Storz couplings and protective motor switches, and - Saturday, shortly before 8 o'clock in the morning, Stefan Himmelsbach, sales manager with Tsurumi Germany, personally brought the pumps to the local association. In the area of service, Stendal, THW received the pleasant notice that Messrs. Tsurumi provided another four electrical submersible pumps type KRS2-100 (1500 l/min at a delivery head of 10 m and 6,9 kW input power with agitator, specifically to delivery sludge, silt and bentonit), which were to be supplied to the place of service as soon as possible.

August 24 - 26: Century flood at the river Elbe

The pumps passed their first trial in Magdeburg. The horse racecourse Herrenkrug was flooded after a dyke blow and the water collected there penetrated the basements of neighbouring buildings. Over night the pump team consisting of helpers of the Cologne East and Cologne North West local associations and the Magdeburg town works were able to considerably lower the water level and to pass the water back to the sinking Elbe.

No caso de uma utilização abrasiva e corrosiva, certos componentes sofrerão um desgaste natural. No que respeita à aplicação anterior, o desgaste pode decorrer sobretudo no impulsor, agitador, placa de sucção, manga do veio, anel de óleo, vedação mecânica, revestimento da bomba, filtro, revestimento do motor e acoplamento de descarga. Dependendo das condições de trabalho, a vida útil daquelas peças pode variar significativamente e pode ser mais reduzida do que o período legal da garantia.
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