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Encontra-se aqui:

Tabarelli GmbH, Munich, Germany

The Project:

Natural stone processing by specialized company, processing of marble and granite of all kinds.

Executing company:

Tabarelli GmbH, Munich

Tsurumi contact:

Hr. Christian Kulik (Field Sales Bavaria)

The Problem:

Tabarelli cuts stone slabs with computerized cutting machines, which are water-cooled and water-lubricated. The resulting used water is highly enriched in sediments from the natural stone slabs. According to regulations of the City of Munich, the waste water must not be discharged into the public sewer system, but must be specially deslimed by a filter drying system. The feed pump for the drying plant is highly challenged by the fine particles from the cutting operation.

The Solution:

Our small HSD-type slurry pump is the ideal pump for feeding from the collection shaft to the drying plant. In particular, the hardened impeller and the agitator are proving to be very reliable and robust. The HSD pump also has an intake strainer with a perforation diameter of 10 mm. Larger stones and slurry components are very effectively ground down and crushed by the agitator. Another special feature of the pump is that it is controlled by a float switch. This is installed in the reservoir of the drying system and triggers when a low water level in the system is indicated. A simple but very efficient circuit.

No caso de uma utilização abrasiva e corrosiva, certos componentes sofrerão um desgaste natural. No que respeita à aplicação anterior, o desgaste pode decorrer sobretudo no impulsor, agitador, placa de sucção, manga do veio, anel de óleo, vedação mecânica, revestimento da bomba, filtro, revestimento do motor e acoplamento de descarga. Dependendo das condições de trabalho, a vida útil daquelas peças pode variar significativamente e pode ser mais reduzida do que o período legal da garantia.
A este propósito, atente aos nossos termos e condições gerais que também lhe enviamos por email, se solicitado.