PNI | 1-phase / 50Hz

PNI multi-purpose pumps have adopted stainless steel where metal must be used, while other strategic components are molded in or armoured with high tech resins. Durable, stable in operation and compact.

Technical Data

  • Discharge bore mm: 50
  • Head max. m: 12,0 - 15,8
  • Capacity max. l/min: 280 - 330
  • Motor output kW: 0,4 - 0,75
  • Phases: 1
  • Max. solid handling ø mm: 10
Performance curve

Model Colour code curve Discharge bore mm Phases Motor output kW Head max. m Capacity max. l/min Max. solid handling ø mm
50PNI2.4S 50 1 0,4 12,0 280 10
50PNI2.75S 50 1 0,75 15,8 330 10

Discharge bore mm 50
Phases 1
Motor output kW 0,4
Head max. m 12,0
Capacity max. l/min 280
Max. solid handling ø mm 10

Discharge bore mm 50
Phases 1
Motor output kW 0,75
Head max. m 15,8
Capacity max. l/min 330
Max. solid handling ø mm 10
ø Discharge bore mm 50mm
Discharge Connection Inside thread, flange
Optional Accessories Guide rail fitting "TOK" for small pumps
Impeller Vortex impeller
Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal
Bearings Shielded ball bearings
Impeller Glass fibre reinforced plastic
Upper casing Glass fibre reinforced plastic
Lower casing Plastic
Shaft Seal Silicon carbide in oil bath
Pumping Fluid
Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Municipal sewage, water with solids
Lubrication Turbine oil (ISO VG32)
Motor Protector (built-in) Miniature protector, Circle thermal cut-out
Type, Poles Induction motor, 2 poles, IP68
Insulation Insulation class E
Phase / Voltage Single phase 230V / 50Hz
Casing Stainless steel EN-X5CrNi18-10
Shaft Stainless steel EN-X6Cr13
Cable Rubber, 10m H07RN-F
Dimensions in mm:
W1: lowest running water level
  • 50PNI2.4S
  • 50PNI2.75S

The PNI-series is a submersible semi-vortex pump designed for handling wastewater and liquid carrying small solid matters. It is made of resin and 304 stainless steel and excellent in corrosion-resistance. The semi-vortex pump design with moderate solids passage provides efficient performance for versatile applications. Liquid paraffin is used for the lubricating oil, which widens the application of the pump to decorative waterfalls, fishponds, aquaculture, etc.