FSP | 3-phase / 50Hz

Floating scum skimmers designed for the collection of unsettled surface scum in the treatment of wastewater. Consist of a submersible pump, jet-injector mechanism and three adjustable floats.

Technical Data

  • Discharge bore mm: 50
  • Head max. m: 4,9 - 5,3
  • Capacity max. l/min: 180 - 255
  • Motor output kW: 0,75 - 0,4
  • Phases: 3
  • Max. solid handling ø mm: 16 - 22
Performance curve
Kurve_U.jpg Kurve_U.jpg

Model Colour code curve Discharge bore mm Phases Motor output kW Head max. m Capacity max. l/min Max. solid handling ø mm
4-FSP 1 50 3 0,4 4,9 180 16
8-FSP 2 50 3 0,75 5,3 255 22

Discharge bore mm 50
Phases 3
Motor output kW 0,4
Head max. m 4,9
Capacity max. l/min 180
Max. solid handling ø mm 16

Discharge bore mm 50
Phases 3
Motor output kW 0,75
Head max. m 5,3
Capacity max. l/min 255
Max. solid handling ø mm 22
ø Discharge bore mm 50mm
Discharge Connection Hose coupling
Impeller Non-clog impeller
Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal
Bearings Shielded ball bearings
Impeller Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Upper casing Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Lower casing Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Shaft Seal Silicon carbide in oil bath
Float Plastic
Pumping Fluid
Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Treated sewage
Lubrication Turbine oil (ISO VG32)
Motor Protector (built-in) Circle thermal cut-out
Type, Poles Induction motor, 2 poles, IP68
Insulation Insulation class E
Phase / Voltage 3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / d.o.l.
Casing Grey iron casting EN-GJL-150
Shaft Stainless steel EN-X6Cr13
Cable Rubber, NSSHÖU
Dimensions in mm:
W1: lowest running water level
  • 4-FSP
  • 8-FSP

The FSP-series is a floating scum skimmer designed for the collection of floating scum in the wastewater treatment. It consists of a submersible pump, jet-injector mechanism, and three floats. The jet-injector mechanism ensures stable suction operation even if water, air and scum are drawn simultaneously. As it is a floating type, the suction mouth can keep its relative position with the water surface, which prevents operation failure due to changes in the water level. The suction mouth can be adjusted to a depth between 0 to 60mm, so that the skimmer can efficiently suck scum with minimal amount of water. Adjustment of the depth can be done by turning the floats to right or left.

Case studies


Duckweed Removal

Removal of duckweed from the local drafting water reservoir. The water reservoir is used as an emergency water storage in case of fire. Thus, the water needs to be free of impurifications, so that the high-pressure fire-fighting pumps are not harmed in case that the reservoir would be needed in emergency cases. In the summer, a lot of additional duckweed grows in standing water. An exchange of oxygen is hindered by this, displacing animals and plants. This is prevented by suctioning away the duckweed. The reservoir has a surface area of approx. 500 m².

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Wastewater on Military Base

The Novo Selo Training Area is a major Bulgarian military training facility established in 1962, presently used by other NATO nations as well. The range has a surface area of 144 km2 (55.6 sq. mi) and is situated 45 km from Bezmer Air Base and 70 km from the port of Burgas in Sliven Province, Bulgaria.

The facility has its designated areas and sectors for tank shooting, and nuclear, biological, and chemical defense and reconnaissance training. The Novo Selo Training Area is highly appreciated by NATO experts and troops and has become the favored site of annual joint US and Bulgarian troops exercises since 2004.

The Novo Selo Training Area is among the joint US-Bulgarian military bases established according to the 2006 Defense Cooperation Agreement between the United States and Bulgaria. The US Army started in late 2008 a 61.15 m USD investment in the development of new housing and other infrastructure for the American troops training at Novo Selo Training Area.

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Unpleasant Discoveries

A hydroelectric power plant was built in Austria. In order to power the turbine a pressure flow tunnel had to be drilled with a diameter of 7,5 meters and total length approx. 20 km. For the tunnel construction a TBM (tunnel boring machine) was used and a lot of pumps were needed for the removal of the formation water which occured during the drilling.

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