Versatile applications

Tsurumi's complete range of sewage pumps are designed for transportation of water, aeration, and more specific applications like water surface cleaning. Products are designed to suit wastewater plants of any size. Tsurumi equipment incorporates 90 years of innovation to deliver effective, long-lasting service to meet your needs.

Sewage pumps

Tsurumi sewage pumps are supplied with a wide range of different impellers from vortex impellers that allow for big solids to be pumped, to channel impellers, that provide highest efficiencies. Depending on the series, IE3 certified motors as well as ATEX certified products are available.

Cutter pumps

Tsurumi cutter pumps are equipped with saw-shaped fixed blades combined with carbide blades in an impeller-integrated structure. This construction ensures that fibrous foreign matter is cut up and sewage is transferred without clogging.

Grinder pumps

Tsurumi grinder pumps are fitted with a multi-vane channel impeller and a grinder mechanism. Unlike the cutter pumps a grinder pump will grind and shred solids into small particles that can be transferred.

Scum skimmers

The Tsurumi FSP submersible scum skimmer incorporates a jet injector (suction mechanism) for collecting scum efficiently and floating impurities can be removed easily.

Bar screens

The Tsurumi bar screens are used to remove particles in the first step of wastewater purification. Tsurumi bar screens are a durable and efficient solution for primary fine treatment of wastewater and are available in several rake distances for different sizes of particles.

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