Self-priming, centrifugal pumps powered by Yanmar diesel engines. All models have rubber mounts for engine vibration control & easy-carry frames, but a two wheeled trolley is available as an optional extra. Capable of pumping clean & dirty water.

Technical Data

  • Discharge bore mm: 75,100
  • Head max. m: 27,0 - 32,0
  • Capacity max. l/min: 550 - 1300
  • Motor output kW: 3,5 - 5,9
  • Phases: Engine
  • Max. solid handling ø mm: 5,5 - 7
Performance curve

Model Colour code curve Discharge bore mm Phases Motor output kW Head max. m Capacity max. l/min Max. solid handling ø mm
TE3-100YD 100 Engine 5,9 27,0 1300 5,5
TE3-50YD 100 Engine 3,5 32,0 550 7
TE3-80YD 75 Engine 3,5 27,0 900 7

Discharge bore mm 100
Phases Engine
Motor output kW 5,9
Head max. m 27,0
Capacity max. l/min 1300
Max. solid handling ø mm 5,5

Discharge bore mm 100
Phases Engine
Motor output kW 3,5
Head max. m 32,0
Capacity max. l/min 550
Max. solid handling ø mm 7

Discharge bore mm 75
Phases Engine
Motor output kW 3,5
Head max. m 27,0
Capacity max. l/min 900
Max. solid handling ø mm 7
Inlet x Outlet Bore 100x100 (4x4), 50x50 (2x2), 80x80 (3x3)
Impeller Semi-open type impeller
Impeller Grey iron casting
Pump Body Cast Aluminium
Mechanical Seal Silicon Carbide
Dry Weight 47 kg, 42 kg
Packing Measurment LxWxH in mm 650x465x615, 622x442x545
Included Accessories Hose couplings, Sealing washers, Hose clips, Strainer
Optional Accessories Trolley
Pumping Fluid
Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Spring water, Rain water, Ground water, Sand carrying water
Brand Yanmar
Engine Model L48
Max Output kW (PS) 5,9 (8,0), 3,5 (4,7)
Fuel Petrol
Starting System Recoil Starter
Dimensions in mm:
W1: lowest running water level
  • TE3-80YD
  • TE3-50YD
  • TE3-100YD

Tsurumi engine pumps feature a heavy-duty, compact and easy-to-use design. Made with excellent materials, these engine pumps can withstand the harsh conditions of construction sites and elsewhere, offering top-class durability and reliability. The engine pumps can be equipped with a Honda gasoline engine or Yanmar diesel engine, which allows users to flexibly select the model suitable to their field conditions.