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Tsurumi's auto-suction submersible aerators deliver effective communal and industrial wastewater clearance and treatment. Tsurumi was one of the first to ensure its aerators were tested in line with the European Standard EN12255-15.


Tsurumi aerators deliver a powerful flow of air and water to reach every part of a tank, ensuring no sediment forms. Motor sizes range from 0.75 kW to 40 kW and the entire range is capable of creating effective aeration air bubbles with an elevated oxygen yield.

Low maintenance

The aerators provide fault-free, continuous operation and require almost no maintenance. The Tsurumi design is superior to membrane pores, which appear on membrane aerators that often get clogged or blocked. This avoids expensive repairs and prolonged interruptions. The aerators are also unaffected by frost.


Tsurumi aerators feature a unique Air-Seal-Principle that ensures the Double Mechanical Seal never comes into contact with the liquid during operation. This, along with several other innovations, improves the overall reliability of the product. To find out what else improves the aerators quality, click here.

Easy to install

The aerators are fast and cheap to install. They can be installed in any basin and do not require a compressor.

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