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September 2014

Tsurumi launches multiple dirty water pumps

Japanese pump manufacturer, Tsurumi, has introduced a number of drainage pumps to the European market this year, including a new level sensor KTZE pump as well as the GPN415 (15kW motor) and GPN 622 (22kW motor) sand pumps.

Tsurumi launched its new drainage KTZE pump with level sensor at trade show Nordbau from 10th to 14th September – an annual forum featuring the latest construction products and services in North Germany. Tsurumi has also expanded its GPN range, and will launch the new GPN415 (15kW motor) and GPN 622 (22kW motor) sand pumps to the European market in September this year. They are designed specifically for sand contaminated pumping applications.

The new drainage KTZE pump is based on Tsurumi's existing KTZ range, which has already been tested and proven by several heavy-duty applications. The new model is available in seven variants from 1.5 to 3.7 kW of motor power at 400 volts. The pump, depending on the model 430-1440 l / min, creates a maximum lifting head of 36.5 meters. The discharge of the pump can be adjusted either horizontally or vertically, which helps to keep the pump standing in the direction of discharge. Yet the pump can run in any position.

Control with a difference

In contrast to other models on the market, stable electrodes determine the level of control in the pump, increasing reliability with no moving parts. This is a helpful advantage on a construction site if the ground is not flat and electrode type sensors are more reliable and long lasting, reducing the potential of damage.

The automatic pump can be left unattended saving substantial operating costs. The pump starts when the sensor identifies the correct water level and stops as soon as the water level drops below a certain point. The user can manually adjust the level required in order to maintain the amount of water desired.

Tsurumi leads the way by offering a stable automatic operating system and is a universal contractor pump manufacturer for dirty water solutions such as rain water, sandy water and groundwater. Water contaminated with granular solids up to 8.5mm in diameter will be easily pumped away using the KTZE. Its housing is made ​​of cast iron and is resilient as the semi-open vortex impeller is made of chromium cast iron and the double mechanical seal, in the oil chamber, is made ​​of ultra-hard silicon carbide. The pump is designed for longevity and can run all day – protected by a continuously cooled and lubricated mechanical seal by inhouse developed oil-lifter and a thermal overload switch.

KTD pumps launched at IFAT

The company launched its new KTD pumps at IFAT this year in Munich, Germany, which included KTD22.0 and KTD33.0 models. The KTD pump is an agitator version of Tsurumi's most popular cast iron pump from its KTZ series.

New LH4110W and GSZ-75-4L

Tsurumi's LH4110W pump from its LH-W range and a GSZ-75-4L pump from its GSZ range were released in spring this year. The LH4110W high head submersible pump features the largest pumping head in the Tsurumi Europe range and can pump water up to a maximum head of 218 meters. It has a maximum capacity of 2m3/min, a motor output of 110kW and is equipped with a NSSHOU/3E mining cable.

The GSZ-75-4L submersible dewatering pump features the biggest pumping capacity in Tsurumi Europe's range with the maximum volume of 17.6m3/min. It pumps over a delivery head of 38 meters and has a four-pole motor for increased life of wear parts. It's built with a 75 kW motor output and is equipped with a NSSHOU/3E mining cable.

For more information please visit: www.tsurumi.eu


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Tsurumi è uno dei produttori di pompe con maggiore esperienza al mondo. Nella moderna sede di Kyoto, la produzione annua globale di pompe a immersione di Tsurumi è superiore a quella di qualsiasi altro produttore di pompe. La gamma Tsurumi attualmente include più di 1800 diversi modelli di pompe: a semi-vortice, a vortice, anti-ostruzione, fresatura, per cantieristica e drenaggio, per acque nere e reflue, per aeratori e soffiatori, per unità di decantazione e skimmer per rimozione della schiuma. Tsurumi opera su scala mondiale grazie all'ampia rete di rivenditori in Europa, America del Nord e del Sud, Asia, Australia e alcune zone dell'Africa.