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January 2015

Tsurumi plunges into French pump rental market

Tsurumi Europe GmbH has established a wholly-owned French rental company in France, to focus on the country's untapped rental potential and grow its presence in the market.

Tsurumi has been present in the French market for years through its own subsidiary, CE2A – Tsurumi France, located in the south of France. Now, thanks to this recent new development, the company will serve the market directly for both customer's distribution and rental requirements. It will provide additional market options, delivering its durable and reliable products as well as expert service.

The new Tsurumi Pompes Location S.A.S. (TPL) was established on 24th November last year, locating its first depot in Strasbourg, France, in order to utilize logistical advantages. It stocks a large number of pumps and accessories, and employs a number of qualified pump rental professionals.

A leading international pump rental expert, Gaetan Beaulieu, who has a deep understanding of the French rental market, has been appointed to head up TPL. To support its operation and growth in France, both technically and logistically, Tsurumi has taken steps to acquire the majority of Belgian Tsurumi distributor, Marine Motors & Pumps N.V. (MMPumps) – which has run a well-established pump rental business for more than 40 years.

Motoring on

MMPumps stocks hundreds of Tsurumi pumps in its rental fleet, providing flexible 24-hour customer service in case of any problems on site. Most installations are done by MMPumps' experienced employees, serving both dewatering and sewerage applications. Also, the company owns a vintage B-series Tsurumi pump from 1981 as part of its rental fleet, which is still active today and in good working condition – something which both MMPumps and Tsurumi are very proud of.

MMPumps was established in 1935, and has been run by the same family for three generations. The current managing director is Mr. Johan Dekker.

"We are excited to start a new beginning this year with support from Tsurumi and together provide support to TPL," says Dekker. "We have had a strong relationship with Tsurumi over the last 40 years and this development will strengthen our position in the market. This acquisition will increase our knowledge, productivity and sales, while providing an excellent service to our customers."

MMPumps will continue to sell and rent pumps for the Belgian market, but will be involved in the French rental market through cross-renting as well as one of the maintenance centers. The company rents pumps from its fleet to TPL for French customers and best practices will be shared between the two companies.

Pump players

"The French dewatering pump rental market is a major area where we see the main submersible pump players" says Gaetan Beaulieu, head of operations at TPL. "Now is the perfect time for Tsurumi to establish its own rental operations to cover unreached rental customers and capitalize on growing market potential."

Tsurumi has thousands of pumps at its warehouse in Belgium and almost all of its 250 pump models, with power outputs up to 110 kW, are available for rapid delivery. Tsurumi also has a large stock of spare parts in Germany that ensures the least amount of pump downtime. Support from CE2A – Tsurumi France makes Tsurumi a serious contender in the French market.

"Availability is everything," says Daniel Weippert, managing director at Tsurumi Europe. "We are very excited to be able to make our pumps available to customers in France – not only by existing stock outlets in our dealer network, but also by direct rental, even for special applications. At the same time, our new rental operation in France aims to strengthen existing relationships to equipment rental companies by giving them the opportunity to rent larger and special pumps at short notice. Tsurumi pumps are known for their reliability and trouble free operation. Our customers should also get peace of mind for their rental applications and their own customers.

By our recent investments, we will be able to assist our customers' long time requirements in the French market by providing additional services."

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Tsurumi est l'un des fabricants de pompes les plus expérimentés au monde. Dans son usine moderne de Kyoto, Tsurumi produit, chaque année, plus de pompes submersibles que tout autre fabricant de pompes. La gamme Tsurumi possède actuellement plus de 1.800 modèles de pompes différents, dont celles à semi-vortex, à turbine vortex, anti-engorgement, à coupoir, des pompes de chantier et d'assèchement, pour les eaux d'égout et les eaux usées, à aérateurs et à souffleurs, pour les unités de décantation et à écumeur. Tsurumi est présent dans le monde entier, grâce à un réseau important de revendeurs en Europe, en Amérique du Nord et du Sud, en Asie, en Australie et dans certains pays africains.