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Pipe heading St. Petersburg, Russia

The Project:

Long-distance pipe heading, protective leg for oil pipeline, St. Petersburg, Russia

Executing Company:

Herrenknecht AG, Schwanau, Germany

The Problem:

For the operation of a mix shield a bentonite suspension is mixed in a container. A pump circulates the mixture via a pipe circuit. Bentonite is added via a venturi nozzle on the pipe. Very heavy wear due to bentonite.

Our Solution:

1x KTZ45.5 for 24h continuous operation. This pump has been running since July 2001 without breakdowns and without any visible wear.

In the event of abrasive and corrosive utilization, stronger wear and tear will take place naturally in certain components. With regards to the above application wear and tear can take place mainly in impeller, agitator, suction plate, shaft sleeve, oil ring, mechanical seal, pump casing, strainer, motor casing and discharge coupling. Depending on the working conditions the lifetime of those parts might vary significantly and can be shorter than the legal warranty period.
In this regard, please pay attention to our general terms and conditions that we also send to you by mail on request.