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Mick Kies gravel washing installation, Dodenburg, Germany

The project:

Since 1959, Mick Kies GmbH in Dierscheid has used a certified process recognised throughout Europe to obtain top-quality quartz gravel and quartz sand. During this process, the gravel is washed and appropriately processed for final customers.

Executing company:

Mick Kies GmbH, 54523 Dierscheid, Dodenburg plant

The problem:

Gravel washing results in water with a very high loam/clay content. It must be pumped back to the system through a series of settling stages. Due to the high solids portion, the material of the pump is subjected to extremely high wear. Even more difficult is the fact that the pump has to overcome a line length of 300m.

The solution:

By using our model KRS2-100 pump with stirring mechanism, it was possible to pump the water/loam/clay mixture through a long line (here, 300m) with nearly no wear and without any clogs.

In the event of abrasive and corrosive utilization, stronger wear and tear will take place naturally in certain components. With regards to the above application wear and tear can take place mainly in impeller, agitator, suction plate, shaft sleeve, oil ring, mechanical seal, pump casing, strainer, motor casing and discharge coupling. Depending on the working conditions the lifetime of those parts might vary significantly and can be shorter than the legal warranty period.
In this regard, please pay attention to our general terms and conditions that we also send to you by mail on request.