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March 2012

Tsurumi to highlight power and durability at IFAT 2012

Booth: 141/240, Hall 6

Global pump manufacturer Tsurumi will highlight the strength and endurance of its products at IFAT 2012, the world's largest water industry event. The company will showcase its products through live demonstrations and exhibits. Leading the company's display will be a 1.2 tonne slurry pump and a 31 year old pump that is still being used in the rental market.

Tsurumi will showcase a wide selection of pumping solutions from its 250 strong product range at IFAT 2012, which takes place in Munich, Germany between May 7th and 11th. The company has more than 90 years' experience manufacturing pumping equipment for wastewater, construction and general contracting applications. Its products are known for their quality, durability and simple maintenance.

Tsurumi's exhibit at the event will include:

  • Three operational basins demonstrating a powerful agitator pump, the TRN aerator and a cutter pump.
  • The largest model from its GSZ range of high volume dewatering pumps, the GSZ-75-4. This 1.2 tonne pump features a 75 kW motor that can transport sludge and slurry at a rate of 13,000 l/min, at heads of more than 50 m. These impressive capabilities make it a powerful tool that can be used in even the most demanding applications.
  • As well as demonstrating the power of its pumps, Tsurumi will also highlight their longevity. The company will display a 31 year old pump that is still used in the Belgian rental market. Such long service is not unusual for Tsurumi pumps and can be attributed to a number of unique innovations from the company, which include:
    • A patented oil lifter that ensures lubrication, even with very little oil
    • A double inside mechanical seal within the oil bath

In addition to their longevity, Tsurumi's products are built for easy maintenance and quick repair. Their simple yet robust construction means they can be dismantled using basic tools (a screwdriver or spanner) and technicians need only basic training to carry out maintenance. Making maintenance as easy as possible prolongs the effective performance and efficiency of the pump.

"Pumps are often found in toughest locations on site, whether in an activated sludge tank or deep in a mud pit. But wherever they are, they must perform – time and time again," explains Takanori Yoshida, responsible for marketing at Tsurumi Europe. "Our products combine Japanese hallmarks of innovation, quality and productivity. We look forward to discussing our broad range of pumps with visitors at IFAT."

Tsurumi operates a pan-Europe network of 35 distributors that supply products throughout the continent, from Iceland to Russia.

Tsurumi will be located in Hall 6, Booth 141/240 at IFAT 2012. A selection of company representatives will be on hand to welcome visitors and discuss the company's diverse capabilities.

In celebration of its heritage, Tsurumi's newly-designed booth features a small Japanese rock garden. Known as Karesansui, these gardens capture the true essence of nature and provide a focal point for thought and meditation – a welcome relief for visitors at what will be the world's busiest water industry fair this year.

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rinkodaros vadovą Birger Schmidt
"Tsurumi (Europe) GmbH"
Wahlerstr. 10
40472 Düsseldorf
Germany (Vokietija)
Tel.: +49 211 417 9373
Faks.: +49 211 479 1429
El. pašto adresas: sales@tsurumi.eu

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