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Gravel plant Schkölen, Germany

The project:

Removal of mud from the gravel settling basin.

Company carrying out the works:

K+B Kies und Beton GmbH, Schkölen

Schnelle & Co.EBI GmbH, Erfurt (Tsurumi partner)

Tsurumi supervisor:

Mr. Thomas Elendt (Field Sales Team East)

The problem:

The gravel settling basin became contaminated by a flocculating substance, through which gravel and sediments are deposited in the basin. Up until now, the basin had been emptied once each week with the help of an excavator, which meant that the facility had to be closed down for the duration of the cleaning process. It was therefore attempted to remove the mud by means of pumps. Different brands were tried out, but the pumps did not last longer than three months, and had to be replaced thereafter. The search began for a pump with long service life, simple maintenance and wear-and-tear monitoring.

The solution:

A Tsurumi agitator pump GPN411 with an oil sensor and a control cabinet. Damage to motors that is caused by leaking axial face seals can be excluded.

The pump was installed in October 2014. In March 2015, the impeller and the wear plate were checked, which showed that no repairs were needed and the oil was still okay.

All maintenance works can be carried out on-site by the customer himself.

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