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Livestock & Fish Farming

Tsurumi has provided irrigation systems and aeration systems to farming industries for many years. Its products give your business equipment it can rely on.


The Tsurumi product range comprises 700 pump models, with power outputs of up to 110 kW. It can deliver products to suit almost any pumping need. And with 90 years in the industry, its pumps have transported just about everything from slurry and mud to cement and corrosive liquids.


Tsurumi aerators deliver a powerful flow of air and water to reach every part of a tank. Motor sizes range from 0.75 kW to 40 kW and the entire range is capable of creating effective aeration air bubbles with an elevated oxygen yield.


After 90 years of pumping innovation, Tsurumi has developed special technologies that ensure its pumps are among the most reliable in the world – click here to learn more.

Easy maintenance

Tsurumi's pumps are built to last. They are designed for easy maintenance and quick repair. Their simple yet robust construction means they can be dismantled using basic tools (a screwdriver or spanner) and technicians need only basic training to handle maintenance.

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