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50GP | 3-phase / 50Hz


Open multi-vane channel impeller with cutting mechanism. This construction ensures that fibrous foreign matter is cut up and sewage is transferred without clogging.

50GP | 3-phase / 50Hz
ModelColour code curveBore mmPower output kWPhasesr.p.m.Head max. mCapacity max. l/minStarting methodDry weight kg *
free standingwith guide rail fittingfree standingwith guide rail fitting
50GPM26.4 TOS50GYM26.4 50 6,4 3 2850 42,0 510 star/delta 108,0 104,0
50GPM26.4H TOS50GYM26.4H 50 6,4 3 2850 52,0 510 star/delta 108,0 104,0
50GPM29.5 TOS50GYM29.5 50 9,5 3 2850 68,0 510 star/delta 111,0 107,0
ø Discharge bore mm 50mm
Pumping Fluid Temperature 0-40°C
Type of Fluid Municipal sewage
Pump Compo- nents Impeller Multi-vane channel impeller with cutting mechanism
Shaft Seal Double mechanical seal
Bearings Shielded ball bearings
Material Impeller Grey iron casting EN-GJL-250
Casing Grey iron casting EN-GJL-250
Shaft Seal SiC, upper in oil bath
Cutting device Stainless steel EN-X39CrMo17-1
Motor Motor Protector (built-in) Miniature protector
Insulation Insulation class H
Type, Poles Induction motor, 2 poles, IP68
Lubrication Turbine oil (ISO VG32)
Phase / Voltage 3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / s.d.
Material Casing Grey iron casting EN-GJL-250
Shaft Stainless steel EN-X5CrNiMo17-12-2
Cable Rubber, 10m H07RN8-F
Discharge Connection Flange DIN/ANSI DN50 (PN10)
Optional Accessories Guide rail fitting "TOS" (guide support, duck foot bend, lifting chain) / Bend and stand set for free standing types

Dimensions in mm:

  • 50GPM26.4
  • 50GPM26.4H
  • 50GPM29.5

W1: lowest running water level

Please mind: discharge bend, duck foot bend and stand set are accessories and must be ordered separately

Dimensions - guide rail fitting type in mm:

  • 50GPM26.4
  • 50GPM26.4H
  • 50GPM29.5

W1: lowest running water level