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Sewage Pumps

Tsurumi designs a complete range of sewage pumps that provide transportation, aeration and decanting. Products are designed to suit wastewater plants of any size. Tsurumi equipment incorporates 90 years of innovation to deliver effective, long-lasting service to meet your needs.


The strength and power of Tsurumi's pumps mean they can transport a wide range of substances including sludge, slurry, contaminated water and sewage.


Tsurumi has a reputation for durable pumping equipment that stands the test of time. Some of its pumps can even be found working today after more than 20 years' active service. Paramount to this unrivalled reliability is some special innovations - click here to learn more.

Easy maintenance

Tsurumi's pumps are built to last. They are designed for easy maintenance and quick repair. Their simple yet robust construction means they can be dismantled using basic tools (a screwdriver or spanner) and technicians need only basic training to handle maintenance.


Tsurumi's decanting pumps are a cost-effective solution that can extend the life of small wastewater plants. The pumps remove buoyant water to leave floating scum and subdued sewage, reducing the overall volume of stored waste and extending the life of the plant.

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