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Tsurumi has the capabilities to meet your every need anywhere in Europe. With thousands of pumps in stock at a major distribution centre in Belgium and a pan-European network of dealers, all of Europe is covered – click here to find your nearest dealer.


The Tsurumi product range comprises 700 pump models, with power outputs of up to 110 kW.

Its pumps are used around the world for construction, mining, sewage transportation, wastewater treatment, aeration, flood control, quarrying – almost anything.


Tsurumi has a reputation for durable pumping equipment that stands the test of time. Some of its pumps can even be found working today after more than 20 years active service. Paramount to this longevity is some unique innovations – click here to learn more.

Easy maintenance

Tsurumi's pumps are built to last. They are designed for easy maintenance and quick repair. Their simple yet robust construction means they can be dismantled using basic tools (a screwdriver or spanner) and technicians need only basic training to handle maintenance.

Spare parts

Tsurumi has a large stock of spare parts in Germany that ensures the least amount of pump downtime anywhere in Europe. To find out more, please click here.

Heavy-duty cable

A ruptured pump cable is the most common cause of pump failure. Tsurumi offers a heavy-duty pump cable for its pumps that can withstand high mechanical stress and has a tensile strength of 15 N/mm2.

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