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January 2014

Tsurumi aerators deliver wastewater treatment to German brewery

Two Tsurumi TRN aerator systems were installed at one of the biggest private beer breweries in Bavaria, to provide biological wastewater treatment.

German brewers are renowned and celebrated all over the world for their home grown beers, but there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed for wastewater treatment.

The brewery in Großostheim, Bavaria, was having problems with its mechanical submerged aerators that were placed in its cylindrical ventilation tank. The power consumption was too high and the aerators often malfunctioned. Failure of the lower sliding ring seals on the two units were in direct contact with wastewater, which led to regular maintenance work, inconveniencing operations.

In order to solve the problem, two 370-TR3 Tsurumi TRN submersible aerator systems were installed – introducing oxygen into the clarifying process to encourage the bacterial decomposition of industrial wastewater by-products. Due to the air seal principle of Tsurumi's TR models, the lower sliding ring seal doesn't come into contact with water during operation, which significantly extends service life and avoids constant malfunction. The total amount of power required for each aerator was 37 kW in comparison with the 55 kW that had been installed previously.

The 370-TR3 aerators were lowered into position as free-standing units, which required no complex piping, compressor or power generator. They were placed in the brewery's waste water tank and the Tsurumi aerators distribute a strong flow of water to prevent sediment forming and to ensure the water is uniformly oxygenated.

Two ventilation procedures are commonly used in breweries – a mechanical system or submersible aerator system, but mechanical systems are increasingly being replaced by aerators because they are less susceptible to clogging.

"Submersible aerators are great value, easy to install and simple to maintain," says Carsten Bode, technical sales manager at Tsurumi Europe. "They provide a huge benefit to smaller wastewater treatment plants with tighter budgets and allow local businesses to take control of their own wastewater system. The pumps are also highly robust and a system of this type could remain in operation for more than 20 years."

The rotation of the pump ensures sufficient suction so no compressor is needed. If a compressor is present then the aerator can be connected to further improve oxygen supply.

"Tsurumi's aerators are built to the highest level of quality, require a simple installation procedure and are easy and cost-effective. If maintenance is needed, the pump can just be pulled out of the tank," explains Christian Kulik, sales in Bavaria.

TRN aerator

The TRN's simple but robust design means it has a proven track record delivering fault-free operation for many years – even when in constant use. Its straightforward construction prolongs the efficiency and life of the pump.

The TRN series is Tsurumi's most advanced range of pumps. They are auto-suction submersible aerators used for communal and industrial wastewater clearance and treatment. Compared to other submersible aerators on the market, the TRN offers inhouse developed oil filter technology, an extra-large oil chamber and the new Air-Seal-Principle, which ensures that the double mechanical seal never comes into contact with the water during operation. This improves wear while avoiding expensive repairs.


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