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Sewage treatment equipment

A considerable experience of Tsurumi's long lasting designing concept in products for water transfer widened a range of products for treating waste water.

These special and unique Tsurumi products can be used not only in the physical or biological steps of waste water purification but also in other applications.

Tsurumi being a one-stop-shop for all your needs in industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants.

Bar screens

The Tsurumi bar screens are used to remove particles in the first step of waste water purification. Tsurumi bar screens are a durable and efficient solution for primary fine treatment of wastewater and are available in several rake distances for different sizes of particles.

Agitator pumps

The Tsurumi KRS-range agitator pumps have proofed to be a reliable solution when it comes to removing sediment from sand-traps. Since it has been originally designed for tough applications in the construction sector, the KRS can efficiently handle a medium with a high content of sand or sludge.

Scum skimmers

The Tsurumi FSP submersible scum skimmer incorporates a jet injector (suction mechanism) for collecting scum efficiently. Floating impurities can be removed easily.

Diaphragm Blowers

The Tsurumi TLD-series is a diaphragm aerator, designed for aerating wastewater in the biological step of water treatment. These aerators are also suitable for aerating clear water in aquaculture, fish farming or aquariums. It operates with AC single phase and thus it can be used in the standard domestic electricity supplied environment.


The Tsurumi aerators are fast and cheap to install, providing an aeration effect as well as a mixing effect in the sewage water. They can be installed in any basins and do not require a compressor. Tsurumi aerators feature a unique Air-Seal-Principle that ensures the Double Mechanical Seal never comes into contact with the liquid during operation. This, along with several other innovations, improves the overall reliability of the product.


Tsurumi's decanting pumps are a cost-effective solution that can extend the life of small wastewater plants. The pumps remove buoyant water to leave floating scum and subdued sewage, reducing the overall volume of stored waste and extending the life of the plant.

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