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Quarries & Mining

The use of heavy machinery in the mining and quarry industry calls for equally heavy pumping equipment. Tsurumi's robust pumps are designed for heavy-duty work in the most demanding sites.


The strength and power of Tsurumi's pumps mean they can transport a wide range of substances including contaminated water, slurry, mud, bentonite, cement, corrosive liquids, etc. – almost anything.


Tsurumi has a long history of unrivalled reliability. Some of its pumps can even be found working today after more than 20 years' active service. This durability comes courtesy of a number of unique features – click here to learn more.


The pumps can reach heads of up to 177 m and have capacities of up to 12,500 l/min, with motor sizes ranging from 0.4 kW to 110 kW.


Removing residual water is vital in maintaining a safe working environment. Tsurumi's residual dewatering pumps can empty large areas of water, reducing levels down to as little as 1 mm. In fact, the company's LSC series is affectionately known as 'The Puddle Suckers' for their unrivalled abilities.


The Tsurumi name is synonymous with strength. Its endurance pumps can withstand very high pressure found in deep water.

Heavy-duty cable

A ruptured pump cable is the most common cause of pump failure in the mining and quarry industries. Tsurumi offers a heavy-duty pump cable for its pumps that can withstand high mechanical stress and has a tensile strength of 15 N/mm2.

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