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February 2013

Tsurumi to celebrate 30 years in Europe at bauma 2013 with
launch of new engine driven pump and life-extending kit

Tsurumi, a global leader in the manufacture of submersible pumps, will mark its 30th anniversary in Europe at bauma 2013. The company will launch one of its largest engine driven pumps and a life-extending kit for its products. Tsurumi will highlight its strong dealer network, many of which it has partnered with for over 20 years, and showcase its range of high quality pumps with live demonstrations at the show.

Tsurumi Europe will introduce a new automatic self-priming diesel pump and a life-extending kit for its KTV range of pumps at bauma 2013, taking place in Munich, Germany from April 15 – 21. The company, which is part of the Tsurumi Group based in Japan, established its operations 30 years ago and will celebrate three decades of success at the show.

New pump

The new diesel driven pump (4TBA82D135) is one of Tsurumi's biggest. Designed to work at the most demanding dewatering and sewage applications, it offers a maximum flow of 2,250 litres per minute and a maximum head of 18 m. The rugged and fuel efficient pump is suitable for almost any application, and will be sold in Tsurumi's direct sales network in Germany, France, Spain and Sweden.

Life-extending kit

Tsurumi will also introduce a set of life-extending parts for its KTV and KTVE range of light-weight aluminium pumps at bauma 2013. After rigorous testing, the new pump casing, wear ring and protection plate can give a pump three times longer life. The kit is particularly aimed at tunnel construction projects where pumps work in severe conditions to ensure safe water levels on site.

30 years and growing

Since establishing its operations in Europe, Tsurumi has built a comprehensive network of 35 dealers that provide innovative pumping solutions to the entire continent. This pan-European network works in conjunction with Tsurumi's direct sales teams, which operate in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and France.

Daniel Weippert, managing director of Tsurumi Europe, attributes the company's European success to its dealers and the knowledge and expertise they provide to customers.

"We are celebrating this anniversary with our dealer network and we want to highlight the advantages they bring to our customers throughout Europe," he says. "They know our products and the best way to get the most out of them. Our pumps are used in a huge array of projects and have built a reputation for strength and reliability. This is Bauma's 30th birthday as well, and I am proud to be able to celebrate both events with our dealers and customers at the show."

bauma booth

Alongside the new diesel pump at bauma will be a wide variety of pumping solutions from Tsurumi's 250 strong product portfolio. Taking centre stage at Tsurumi's booth will be three demonstration basins, which will showcase:

  • The LSC 'puddle sucker': a residual water pump capable of reducing puddles covering the equivalent area of a football pitch down to just 1 mm water depth.
  • The KRS range: a heavy-duty pump suitable for sludge, slurry or contaminated liquids.
  • Tsurumi's invented Oil Lifter: a lubricating device contained within Tsurumi pumps that improves the performance of the mechanical seal (shaft seal), which sits at the heart of all submersible pumps.

Tsurumi has a few other tricks up its sleeve, which it will unveil to visitors at the show.

Tsurumi has been manufacturing pumps since 1924. Its products have a reputation for strength and reliability, and are used in a huge variety of applications, including general construction, mining and tunnelling.

Tsurumi will be located in Hall A6, Stand 332 with representatives on hand to discuss the company's diverse capabilities. Buyers and dealers will be able to peruse a wide selection of Tsurumi's innovative pumps as well as seeing several in action.

Following its popularity at recent events, Bauma 2013 will also see the return of Tsurumi's Zen garden. A key part of the company's Japanese heritage, these gardens, known as Karesansui, reflect the calming spirit of nature, providing a focal point for thought and meditation. The bubble of tranquillity surrounding the traditional Japanese rock garden will provide a welcome area of peace and calm inside the world's largest and busiest trade fair.

Bauma is the world's largest trade fair for the mining and construction sectors, and takes place every three years.

The new diesel driven pump (4TBA82D135) is one of Tsurumi's biggest.
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