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Tsurumi strengthens Swedish presence

Tsurumi (Europe) GmbH has established a Swedish subsidiary in partnership with its Swedish distributor Tsurumi-Intec Pump AB. Tsurumi has been present in Sweden through for years but will now serve the market directly. Tsurumi will draw on its 90 years of experience to deliver robust and reliable pumps to the Swedish mining and construction industry.

Sweden has a long history of pump manufacturers and pump use. It is a mature and sophisticated market. Submersible pumps are already popular in the country and now Tsurumi, the world's leading submersible pump manufacturer, has established direct operations in the market.

The new subsidiary is a partnership between Tsurumi and its Swedish distributor Tsurumi-Intec Pump AB, which was first established in 1999 by Tsurumi's long-standing Norwegian distributor Intec Pumper AS. The company will reinvigorate its operations under the new partnership. Magnus Malmerin has been appointed to head up the company. Malmerin is one of the Sweden's leading pump experts and knows the market intimately.

"Sweden is a major player in the pump industry and is one of the most competitive and dynamic markets in the world," explains Malmerin. "Now is the perfect time for Tsurumi to develop its operations and capitalise on Sweden's continually growing potential."


Malmerin believes the quality, serviceability and availability of Tsurumi's products differentiate it from its competitors.

"Availability is everything," says Malmerin. "Contractors cannot wait for equipment. Tsurumi has one of the largest pump stocks in Europe. We now have a warehouse in Gothenburg with a wide selection of pumps and spare parts for the Swedish market. This, combined with a well-established distribution network, ensures our pumps get to site in the shortest possible time."

Tsurumi has thousands of pumps at its warehouse in Belgium. Almost all of its 250 contractor and sewage pumps, with power outputs of up to 110 kW, are available for rapid delivery. Tsurumi also has a large stock of spare parts in Germany that ensures the least amount of pump downtime. The added support of Intec Pumper AS makes Tsurumi a serious contender in the Scandinavian market.

New generation

Tsurumi brings Japanese engineering and innovation to Sweden for the first time and offers customers a new choice when selecting pumping equipment. Malmerin believes that this, combined with the generation shift taking place in Sweden, has opened new opportunities in the market.

"The generation shift is seeing younger people – who are often more willing to try something new – taking positions of responsibility," says Malmerin. "The performance and reliability advantage that Tsurumi's pumps represent offers great value. We feel there is great potential here."


It's not just a new generation creating new demand for Tsurumi pumps but new applications too.

"Swedish customers are using more pumps for more reasons," says Malmerin. "Global warming is causing an increase in rainfall and snow, which means water levels are rising – particularly during spring and autumn. There is a surge in the mining industry with companies re-opening old mines while the construction sector continues to expand. All of which contributes to an increased demand for pumps."


Competition and the Swedish pump market go hand-in-hand, says Malmerin.

"When I left Sweden in 1982, there were two TV channels and four types of breakfast cereal," he explains. "Now there is huge variety of everything and it's the same with pumps. Customers today have extensive knowledge of pumps and know what to expect from their equipment. We are perfectly placed to exceed their expectations and make a real impact on the market."

Swedish born Malmerin brings 29 years of experience in the Australian and Swedish pump industry, and a wealth of knowledge and contacts, to Tsurumi.

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