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Tsurumi aerators deliver wastewater treatment to remote areas

Tsurumi aerators allow businesses to create their own cost-effective and self-contained solution for wastewater treatment – particularly useful in remote areas not covered by municipal wastewater treatment plants. The global pump manufacturer's TRN aerators have been used for this purpose at a remote holiday park on the island of Krk in Croatia.

Remote locations often suffer from a lack of general amenities. Isolated communities must establish suitable solutions that solve such shortcomings. The same is true of businesses – particularly if the business is a camping and caravanning park that can cater for up to 1,000 people.

Camp Škrila is a remote camping and caravanning park, catering for up to 1,000 people, situated on the coast of Krk island in Croatia. The island does not have a municipal wastewater treatment plant so businesses must create their own wastewater solution, which is why the campsite is now home to two TRN aerators from Tsurumi.

The aerators are situated in a small activated sludge tank where all of the camp's wastewater is delivered. The aerators distribute a strong flow of water and air throughout the tank to prevent sediment forming and to ensure the water is uniformly oxygenated.

Prior to installing the TRN aerators, Camp Škrila used a more complicated system of disc diffusers and blowers. But the Tsurumi aerators are more cost effective – particularly for smaller treatment plants – and offer a far simpler installation process. Installation at Camp Škrila took less than three hours. The pumps, which weigh 150 kg each, were lowered into position as free-standing units.

"Submersible aerators are great value, easy to install and simple to maintain," says Carsten Bode, product manager at Tsurumi Europe. "They provide a huge benefit to smaller wastewater treatment plants with tighter budgets and allow local businesses to take control of their own wastewater system. The pumps are also highly robust and a system of this type could remain in operation for more than 20 years."

Once Tsurumi, always Tsurumi

Eko-Voda d.o.o., a Croatian company that specialises in wastewater treatment, installed the aerators. The company purchased them from Tsurumi's Croatian dealer, VIS-Trgovina d.o.o. Eko-Voda enjoyed such success on this project that the company has decided to only use Tsurumi aerators in future.

"Tsurumi's aerators are built to the highest level of quality, require a simple installation procedure and are easy and cost-effective to maintain," explains Zoran Pribanić, director at EKO-VODA d.o.o. "Since using their aerators, we have removed all other manufacturer models from our range."


Remote locations, by their very nature, can be hard to access. The reliability of pumping equipment is therefore very important as users naturally want to reduce the risk of long down-times waiting for replacement parts or repair. The TRN's simple but robust design means it has a proven track record delivering fault-free operation for many years – even when in constant use. Its straightforward construction also allows for easy maintenance, which further prolongs the efficiency and life of the pump.

The TRN aerators at Camp Škrila are expected to continue working for more than 15 years.

The TRN aerator

The TRN series is Tsurumi's most advanced range of pumps. They are auto-suction submersible aerators used for communal and industrial wastewater clearance and treatment. Compared to other submersible aerators on the market, the TRN offers inhouse developed oil lifter technology, an extra large oil chamber and the new Air-Seal-Principle, which ensures that the double mechanical seal never comes into contact with the water during operation. This improves wear while avoiding expensive repairs.

Launched in Europe in 2008, Tsurumi's TRN aerators have proved highly successful. In their first year, the pumps increased the company's submersible aeration business by a significant margin.

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