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2nd Strelasund Crossing, Stralsund, Germany

The project:

Construction of the second Strelasund crossing

Executing company:

Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG

The Strelasund crossing, which is 4.100 metres long, consists of several bridges and dam structures. These include the 580 metre long cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Ziegelgraben. An enormous, 128 metre tall yet elegant pylon structure makes the cable-stayed bridge a captivating piece of architecture that is certainly the most prominent structure of the crossing. The Stralsund (645m) and Dänholm (530m) approach viaducts connect on both sides in addition to the structures over the Strelasund (1.070 m).

The problem:

Pumping off the water and concrete mixture created in the course of boring piles that are 900mm in diameter at a depth of up to 50m into the ground for soil stabilization.

Our solution:

Use of two KTZ411 units for securing the boring piles during the casting phase. These units are used to pump out the mixture of water and concrete.

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