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Emscher Cooperative, Germany

The project:

Deployment of TSURUMI wastewater pumps in the filtration plant

Executing companies:


Biergans Pumpen-Vertriebs GmbH, Duisburg

The problem (1):

Feed pit of the filtration plant: The pump can become obstructed by blockages and then needs to be cleaned at length and recommissioned.

Our solution (1):

Supply and installation of a 100C43.7 with guide tubes and connection elbow (small pit, very little room for manoeuvre). This pump is equipped with cutters to prevent blockages.

The problem (2):

Overflow structure for media that are contaminated by chemicals.

Our solution (2):

Deployment of a corrosion-resistant 50SQ2.4S pump (0.4 kW) in stainless steel to pump the medium at the structure.

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