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East Butterwick Pumpstation, UK

The project:

Renovation of a pump station in East Butterwick, North Lincolnshire, Great Britain

Executing companies:

T-T Pumps Ltd., Cheshire

Messingham Internal Drainage Board

The pump station was built after the Second World War and is used to pump off flood water.

The problem:

In 1981 our partner, T-T Pumps Ltd., equipped this pump station with two TO500B855 units, each with a 55kW power rating.

900 litres per second is moved at a height of 4,5m. The operating range should additionally be between 0m and 7,5m.

Although the pumps have run for twenty-three years without failure or need for spare parts, the Messingham Internal Drainage Board decided in 2004 that the pumps had reached the end of their lifespan.

Our solution:

Again, T-T Pumps Ltd. won the bid. The solution that was offered was simple and inexpensive: In 2005 it was possible to employ two new type TO500B855 pumps of the latest design to be operated for another 24 years – without risks or large-scale reconstruction.

The installation of the pump control developed by T-T Pumps Ltd. has now made it possible for the pump station to be used for draining the surrounding fields during dry periods.

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