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Sewage treatment, hotel complex, Croatia

The Project:

Treatment of waste water from a hotel complex with a total capacity of 600 persons, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Executing companies:

ISEA d.o.o., Rijeka, Croatia

VIS-Trgovina d.o.o.

The problem:

Hotel complex not connected to public sewage system; sewage disposal was formerly via awaste-water pipe direct and untreated into the Adriatic. Complex is used seasonally, especially in tourism season; otherwise it is little used. Previously there were problems with compressed aeration systems, since polyethyline pipes melted (due to high temperature of air underpressure), plus noise (systems situated directly by house and hotel, with noise-generating compressors).

The solution:

Connection to a small modular sewage works in polyethylene tanks (no connection to mains sewage necessary). A total of 6 Tsurumi submersible aerators, 0.75 kW each, were fitted in the biological water treatment section. Seasonal use possible without problems; whenout of use, the aerators simply remain in the tanks. No more melted pipes, because the self-drawn air is at the ambient temperature. No noise problem any more; the system operates very quietly.

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