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August 2021

Tsurumi's LB will likely make it

Not enough space for dewatering equipment?

When space is tight in dewatering applications, the hour of compact multipurpose pumps has come. The manufacturer Tsurumi relies on technical symmetry here.

They are seldom in the focus of the large manufacturers, but are among the "secret" stars of many suppliers: Small dewatering pumps such as the LB series from Tsurumi are sold in large numbers worldwide. These pumps help when too much water is involved - and are used thousands of times every day around the globe.

Fits small pipes

Secured by rope or chain, an LB can still be used where pumps of other calibers are prohibited: in narrow pipes, small tanks, deep pits, rugged debris fields, and generally in remote locations that are difficult to reach with larger equipment. In short, virtually anywhere.

To achieve this, the manufacturer chose a fully symmetrical design with no protruding parts. Lowering to uncertain depths is therefore possible without any real risk of snagging. With a diameter of only 187 mm, the pump's round cross-section even fits into the smaller filter pipes. Those who choose the version with a water level sensor only have to add a few millimeters. The pump then controls itself automatically, switching on or off depending on the water level. Because the Germany based company relies on electrodes instead of mechanics, technical susceptibility is minimal.

22 years in service

The LB presses water with dirt particles up to 6 mm in size straight through the housing. This way, the motor is optimally cooled. The models in the series pump 225 to 440 liters per minute and pump up to a maximum of 17.5 meters. The smallest model weighs around 10 kg dry, the largest around three times that. The motor comes in different power ratings with a maximum of 1.5 kW. Depths of up to 25 m are possible.

The pump works horizontally or vertically and is designed to be extremely wear-resistant. Tsurumi's oil distributor, a clever construction that ensures reliable circulating oil lubrication, is one of the reasons for this. Also, each electrical conductor is encapsulated in synthetic resin, which provide hermetic protection against creeping water damage. The manufacturer declares the pump to be safe to run dry. This means that even the smallest model can run unattended. Resistant materials are used both inside and out. Some parts are even made of silicon carbide, which is almost as hard as diamond. In this respect, the LB is a real jewel among multipurpose pumps.

Like a diamond

By the way, this pump holds several records that underline its robustness: One customer, for example, had one in use for over 22 years - during this time only seals and oil were due. Another used 650 of this and another model in a single construction project. Maintenance is simple and can be done by the customer. For example: Just loosen four screws and the impeller can be changed - if it should ever be necessary.

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες, επικοινωνήστε με:
κ. Birger Schmidt, Marketing
Tsurumi (Europe) GmbH
Wahlerstr. 10
40472 Düsseldorf
Tηλ.: +49 211 417 9373
Φαξ: +49 211 479 1429
e-mail: sales@tsurumi.eu

Η εταιρεία Tsurumi είναι μία από τις πιο έμπειρες εταιρείες κατασκευής αντλιών παγκοσμίως. Από τις σύγχρονες εγκαταστάσεις της στο Kyoto, η Tsurumi κατασκευάζει τις περισσότερες υποβρύχιες αντλίες παγκοσμίως ανά έτος σε σχέση με οποιαδήποτε άλλη εταιρεία κατασκευής αντλιών. Σήμερα υπάρχουν περισσότερα από 1.800 διαφορετικά μοντέλα αντλιών που κατασκευάζει η Tsurumi, συμπεριλαμβανομένων των αντλιών τύπου ημι-vortex, vortex, αντλιών με μεγάλες εισόδους (non-clog), αντλιών με πτερωτή κοπής, αντλιών εργοταξίου και απομάκρυνσης εναπομεινάντων υδάτων, αντλιών αποχέτευσης και λυμάτων, αερισμού και ανεμιστήρων, μονάδων μεταγγίσεως (decanting) και συλλογής επιπλεόντων υλικών. Η Tsurumi δραστηριοποιείται παγκοσμίως με ένα εκτεταμένο δίκτυο αντιπροσώπων στην Ευρώπη, τη Βόρεια και Νότια Αμερική, την Ασία, την Αυστραλία και σε μέρη της Αφρικής.