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Swiss Fire Brigade orders Tsurumi pumps

The European arm of Japanese pump manufacturer, Tsurumi is delighted to receive its largest ever order for LSC 'puddle-sucking' pumps from the Swiss Fire Brigade.

Last month Tsurumi Europe received its largest order ever placed in Continental Europe for the LSC model residual sewage pumps. RL Pumpenanlagen GmbH, a specialist pump supplier and Tsurumi's Swiss dealership, based in Wollerau, has supplied an order of LSC 1.4 pumps to the Fire Department of the Swiss canton of Ticino*. The order, to be fulfilled in two batches, has seen an initial 60 pump units delivered already, with a second instalment of similar size to be supplied next year.

All fire engines throughout the canton are now going to be equipped with one of the Tsurumi pumps after a successful period of extensive field testing. Patrick Lechner, project manager for RL Pumpenlagen GmbH explains that the Swiss Fire Service opted for Tsurumi pumps because of two key features:

"The deciding factors in favour of the LSC 1.4 were that they were safe to operate in 'dry-running' mode and that they come equipped with a check valve," he says.

The unique check valve prevents pumped water from flowing back into the unit when the flow is interrupted. This is inevitable in the final phase of pumping as the pump draws in more air than water. This so-called 'snore-mode' can prove extremely costly for operators since other pumps, which are cooled by the water as it's pumped through, can overheat if allowed to run dry. Tsurumi's LSC pumps are manufactured safe against dry-running thanks to their patented continuous lubrication technology. Consequently they can be left to operate 24/7 without the need for constant surveillance.

The LSC pumps were launched by Tsurumi in 2006 and are widely used by fire services in other countries who trust the fact that they are able to run dry for days without any cooling problems caused by lack of water flow. One key advantage of the LSC pumps is that they are able to operate effectively in water depths as low as 1mm, the minimum possible for any pump unit. This makes them an ideal choice for sites that need to be cleared following flooding or other water damage. The LSC 1.4 is a 230V pump, which can handle up to 170 l/min at depths of up to 20 m..

* The canton of Tecino (Tessin in French and German) is the most southern canton (or district) in Switzerland. It is bordered by Italy and is predominantly Italian-speaking.


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