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Production of gypsum plaster boards, France

The project:

Gypsum is extracted from the quarry located nearby the factory. It is then ground before being heated in the oven to extract the water which it contains. It is ground again more finely to obtain plaster in powder form. From this plaster, the factory produces plaster boards.

The problem:

The factory possesses eight production lines. In order for the facilities to operate, pumps which are powerful and resistant to the very powdery environment are required. Their characteristics must be capable of working at each of the different production stages of plaster boards.

Our solution:

When starting to prepare the plaster boards, water is added to the plaster powder within a large pug mill. Before the plaster hardens, the contents of the pug mill are emptied into moulds. Once they have hardened, the blocks are removed from the moulds and placed in ovens where they will be dried. Between two production cycles, the pug mills and the ovens are cleaned with rinse water in a closed loop. The rinse water is collected in a basin, which is kept in motion by series KRS2-150 TSURUMI pumps.

Since the pug mills are located above the level of the basins, the cleaning water falls to the lower level by gravity and it is channelled as far as a first basin by large culverts. In this basin, a series KRS2-80 TSURUMI pump recovers this very heavily contaminated water and returns it to the main basin, passing through a screen take. The basin is regularly emptied and treated by an external contractor. The water is replaced as it becomes contaminated. There is no settling tank.

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