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Tsurumi offers ATEX-certified sewage pumps

Tsurumi has released a range of sewage pumps that meet full requirements for the ATEX European Directive for protection of workers in explosive atmospheres. There are presently 11 models available from three ranges: the BX-Series, CX-Series and UX-Series.

The first models were delivered in early January and the new line will be among the products showcased by Tsurumi at the upcoming IFAT environmental solutions exhibition taking place in Munich, Germany between May 5 and 9.

Stefan Hörnschemeyer, marketing manager of Tsurumi Europe, says the new range is already proving popular.

"These 11 models are a great start to our range of ATEX-certified sewage pumps and the positive feedback from our customers means we are already planning to extend this line further," he says. "The pumps offer customers a range of options depending on the type of fluid being pumped and the throughput required. And of course they feature Tsurumi's trademark durability and ease of maintenance."

Applications for the ATEX pumps will be in sewage plants, pumping stations for untreated wastewater and manure tanks (used in the farming industry). The BX-Series, CX-Series and UX-Series each feature individual characteristics for different uses.

The CX-Series

Perhaps the most significant is the CX-Series which is equipped with a cutter mechanism which chops solid matter in the fluid allowing it to be pumped more easily. This cutter mechanism combines a carbide blade integrated into a non-clog impeller and a saw-shaped inner surface of the suction cover. This makes the CX-Series suitable for pumping wastewater or liquids carrying waste and solid matter.

Like all of Tsurumi's ATEX-certified pumps, the CX-Series comes with a cable and flange for on-site positioning. A Guide Rail Fitting and Discharge Bend are available as options.

There are three models in the CX-Series: the 80CX21.6, the 100CX42.3 and the 100CX43.8. Motor sizes range from 1.6 kW to 3.8 kW and discharge bores range from 80 mm to 100 mm.

The UX-Series

The UX-Series comprises four models and features a vortex impeller which is used mainly to avoid clogging or wear caused by large or stringy solids in the fluid. It does this by accelerating the fluid to great speed to smoothly move it from the inlet to the outlet.

In addition to the standard accessories, the UX-Series comes with a special screwed-in mating flange. It also has the Guide Rail Fitting and Discharge Bend available as options. There are four models available in the UX-Series: the 50UX21.6, the 80UX21.6, the 80UX22.4 and the 80UX24.0. Motor outputs range from 1.6 kW to 4.0 kW and discharge bores are available at either 50 mm or 80 mm.

The BX-Series

The BX-Series features an impeller with a wide channel from inlet to exit to prevent internal clogging by solids sucked in via the inlet. They come with the cable and flange and are available with the optional Guide Rail Fitting and Discharge Bend.

There are four models in the BX-Series: the 80BX21.6, the 100BX42.3, the 100BX43.8 and the 100BX43.8H. Motor outputs range from 1.6 kW to 3.8 kW and there are discharge bores of either 80 mm or 100 mm available.


80UX24.0 with guide rail fitting
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