Desludging of a fish pond


10 acres of fish ponds faced the issue of decreasing water levels due to continuous sedimentation. The customer needed to remove the sludge from the ponds and while doing so, he wanted to increase the depth of the ponds. Instead of hiring excavators that would cost a lot of money and time, the customer turned to our Tsurumi partner in Hungary, Verbis.


Tsurumi support
Pump seleciton including development and installation of customer tailored solution.

The problem

Conventional desludging with excavators simply too expensive and time consuming.

The solution

Tsurumi submersible pump type GPN35.5 with agitator (up to 1900 l/min) mounted on a customer produced pontoon, the pond is successfully being desludged and even deepened by the dredging capabilities of the GPN's agitator.

Specifications GPN

In the event of abrasive and corrosive utilization, stronger wear and tear will take place naturally in certain components. With regards to the above application wear and tear can take place mainly in impeller, agitator, suction plate, shaft sleeve, oil ring, mechanical seal, pump casing, strainer, motor casing and discharge coupling. Depending on the working conditions the lifetime of those parts might vary significantly and can be shorter than the legal warranty period.

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