Shaft installation


New shafts were being excavated for the expansion of the underground mine in Serbia. Contractors in charge of the project used submersible pumps of other brands but had very bad experiences with too short lifespan of the pumps due to the heavy abrasive medium that has been pumped.


Tsurumi support
Pump selection including assessment of the medium to be pumped.

The problem

The customer was using low quality products in a heavy duty, abrasive application resulting in additional cost caused by downtime and complicated repairs.

The solution

Tsurumi heavy duty pumps ranging fro, 2.2kW to 75kW could improve the customers process tremendously. The long lifetime as well as the easy to repair design saved the customer plenty of cost while making the process much faster and more secure.

Specifications KTZ

Specifications LH

In the event of abrasive and corrosive utilization, stronger wear and tear will take place naturally in certain components. With regards to the above application wear and tear can take place mainly in impeller, agitator, suction plate, shaft sleeve, oil ring, mechanical seal, pump casing, strainer, motor casing and discharge coupling. Depending on the working conditions the lifetime of those parts might vary significantly and can be shorter than the legal warranty period.

In this regard, please pay attention to our general terms and conditions that we also send to you by mail on request.