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ADA, Baku, Azerbaijan

The project:

Geowell Erdwärme in Marl builds geothermal systems throughout Germany and abroad. The ADA project (Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy) in Baku represented a particular challenge.

Executing company:

Geowell Erdwärme GmbH&Co KG, Marl, Germany

Tsurumi consultants:

Mr. Stefan Himmelsbach (Product Manager Construction Pumps)

The problem:

Over a period of three months, a total of 290 holes were drilled 130m deep, with four drills in use. The geothermal installation has a cooling power of 1.5 megawatts and heating power of 1.0 megawatts, generated using two large heat pumps. The Diplomatic Academy of Baku is air conditioned primarily by geothermal energy. The pumps used also handled water storage during the drilling, with groundwater carrying the hole cuttings. Operation at temperatures ranging from –10°C in winter up to +50°C in summer.

The solution:

Use of Tsurumi model HS2.75S, KTVE22.2 and KTV2-22 pumps. These pumps have shown that they can be used for any media and even at extreme temperatures. Both the pump mechanisms as well as the housing are extremely robust; there were no failures despite the abrasive medium and the extreme temperatures. Even radical de-icing with gas burners had no negative effects on their function.

При употреба на абразивни и корозивни материали, в някои компоненти естествено ще се появи силно износване. Във връзка с по-горното приложение, износване ще възникне предимно в импелера, агитатора, засмукващата плоча, ръкава на вала, масления пръстен, механичното уплътнение, корпуса на помпата, цедката, корпуса на двигателя и смукателния куплунг. В зависимост от условията на работа на експлоатационният живот на официалния гаранционен срок.
В тази връзка, моля, обърнете внимание на нашите общи условия които ние също ще ви изпратим по пощата при поискване.