Tsurumi products in Spanish wastewater treatment

Published on 17.08.2022

Several #Tsurumi pumps of different series were installed in the wastewater treatment plant of a large Spanish hotel. The pumps perform important tasks at the main stations of the treatment process there.

Following units were installed:

TRN - self-priming submersible aerators for #wastewater treatment.

FSP - wastewater pumps with floats for use at the water surface

Two 80TRN47.5 operate in the biological reactor, and additional TRN submersible aerators are installed in the aerobic sludge digester and primary degreaser. At the surface of the decanter and sludge digester, two 4-FSP2s ensure the removal of wastewater containing solids.

We have linked the specifications of the two series for you in the comments below this post.



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