Corporate Responsibility

Being water- and people friendly

We utilize our own technologies to create new and positive currents in society. We cultivate faith and trust to offer plenitude to people´s minds. We value and support passion.


Upholding the corporate philosophy of "Being water- and people-friendly," the Tsurumi Group, as a manufacturing company, is always taking on new challenges with flexible imagination and abundant originality, seeking to create new currents in society by applying our original technologies, and striving to cultivate faith and trust while enriching people's minds.


We respect basic human rights in every aspect of our business activities. We do not tolerate discrimination or any other conduct that violates the dignity of the individual on the basis of gender, age, birthplace, family origin, social status, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, disease and disability. Language or behavior that could be construed as sexual harassment will also not be tolerated. We strive to create a safe and pleasant working environment, where personality and individuality are respected so that all employees can fully demonstrate their capabilities.


To protect the global environment, the Tsurumi Group shall not only comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, but also actively promote environmental activities, in line with its corporate philosophy of "Being water- and people-friendly." In upholding the environmental policy: "Realizing amenity-centric engineering for both people and earth," we will continuously strive to offer products needed for effective use of water-a precious resource. We will also strive to reduce the impact of our business activities on the environment, thereby helping conserve the global environment.


We shall always maintain open and fair relations with our customers, business partners and competitors. We shall also carry out commercial transactions with integrity, by adhering to social ethics.